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This initiative of Mandal has been instituted for a student to further his/her education.Scholarships will be awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the Institution or the donor of the award.

The objective is to encourage young students with potential. The students benefit from scholarships because their abilities and academic performance are recognized. The institutions and other students gain from the contribution made by students who are academically gifted or who have outstanding all round skills. From a parent’s perspective, it is seen as an opportunity to ensure that their child can be enrolled in an institution that will nurture his/her special attributes.

Scholarship is a merit-based award that recognizes high academic achievement withinthe individual institution. The Scholarship will be awarded annually by the Office of Mandal based upon the recommendations from the Head of College.


  • Eligible students must be enrolled as full-time students
  • Overall academic performance and future potential of the student
  • Achievement in other areas of excellence such as performing arts, visual arts, sports, music, debating and other relevant areas
  • Leadership abilities
  • Demonstrated abilities in service
  • Students must have at least a defined percentage of attendance
  • The Scholarship may be adjusted based on receipt of other tuition awards (if any)
  • There should be demonstrated financial need to be eligible for the scholarship
  • Scholarship is in the region of tuition fees only

The Mandal intends Scholarship fund to be set up with an initial contribution of Rs. __________. This amount will be set aside to fetch returns which would provide the scholarships to the most meritorious students across all the institutions.

Respective institutions of Mandal will have a sub-committee to recommend the names of the students. Based on the recommendations, the students would be awarded the scholarship on the criteria as defined.

The Sub-committee will be consisted of the following members:

  • Head of the Institution
  • Head of the Faculty / Program / Course co-ordinator
  • Two Faculty Members

Recommendations are made to the Managing Committee of Mandal, headed by the President, Hon. Secretary and rest of the office bearers.