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Vision & Mission

To create positive change in Banaskantha through path-breaking educational excellence.

The brightest facet of BKDKM is its belief in inclusiveness and its vision to extend educational opportunities to the widest section, including the weakest segments of society, of the district of Banaskantha. To enable the youth from variegated backgrounds to avail of the excellent education it offers, tuition is highly subsidised, the fee structure is kept low, and several colleges have a grant-in-aid status.

Recently, additional land of about 7091.46 sq mts was acquired where BKDKM can expand its offerings by setting up new faculties and facilities to cater to changing times. Today, Banaskantha represents an altogether different picture than that of all those decades back. The average literacy rate for the district is 65.32% according to the last Census. There is a greater vibrancy to the economic progress and the area has developed in several ways to take its place in the modern world.

  • Provide education to under privileged students from all communities.
  • Developing better educational aids
  • Provide facilities to students to excel in sports
  • Improving Infrastructure