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President’s Message

It is with a great deal of satisfaction, and some pride, that I look back at the journey that has brought the Banaskantha District Kelavani Mandal from its early beginnings operating a single college in hired premises to the present position of running seven colleges in a spacious campus of its very own.

Set up in 1961, the BKDKM has, over the past more than five decades, played a stellar and leading role in providing quality education for Graduation and Post Graduation studies, covering a variety of streams.

Furthermore, it is our endeavour to provide an all-round education to our students in order that they may grow up to be model citizens and contribute to the growth and development of Banaskantha, Gujarat and the country as a whole. Towards this aim, we have provided the best infrastructure including sports facilities, libraries; as well as opportunities to participate in a number of extra-curricular activities.

BKDKM aims for excellence and the colleges run by it all strive to achieve this in their daily activities. The result is before all of us to see. A large number of the students passing out from the Mandal’s institutions consistently make it to the University merit list. The state, country, and the Indian diaspora abroad is populated with eminent and highly respected professionals and entrepreneurs who have passed through the portals of our colleges - they are businessmen, doctors, lawyers, judges, civil servants, teachers and engaged in a multitude of other pursuits.

What we can be proudest of, however, is that BKDKM has always had a policy of inclusiveness and the will to serve the most economically backward sections of society of our district. Hence we have kept our fee structure at the lowest possible and the education provided is greatly subsidised, while being of a very high standard.

All our achievements would not have been possible without the generous support of well-wishers and friends - individuals and charitable trusts making handsome contributions.

Exciting and fulfilling as our journey has been up to the present, the future beckons with much more to be accomplished. We have ideas, plans and projects to take our work even further, to reach even greater heights; whether it is plans for large projects like starting yet more institutions in new streams and building hostels; or immediate tasks like creating water harvesting system and recharge storage, sump and over head tank and many more. But none of these plans can be implemented without the requisite financing.

As a first step to moving forward, it is important to raise the necessary funds for new projects. We request you to join us in our endeavour to spread the light of knowledge. For, through education we not only enlighten one mind, we impact the lives, the economic status of entire families, and consequently entire communities.

BKDKM believes that no contribution is too small. Every drop goes to make an ocean.

We look forward to receiving the continued support of those who have been associated with us in the past; and we hope that many more join hands with us in our endeavour. So that together we can take the district of Banaskantha and its citizens towards new horizons of educational prowess and prosperity.

Dr. Vikram M Mehta
Banaskantha District Kelavani Mandal