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G. D. Modi Vidyasankul

What perhaps distinguishes the Banaskantha District Kelavani Mandal endeavours, putting a distinct stamp upon it, is the large, well-planned campus which houses all the colleges together. The campus covers about 12 acres; and has 1,34,900 sq ft of built-up space for all its seven colleges. It includes a lush green cricket ground with turf wicket and a pavilion, a gymnasium, an open air theatre, an audio visual hall and an administrative block, the Kalabhavan, and a boys’ hostel.

A gateway to the campus displays the name bestowed up it - “G.D. Modi Vidyasankul”. This was the result of a generous donation received from Shri Mehulbhai choksi and Shri niravbhai D. Modi, who both have a far- sighted vision and an avowed passion for the educational development of Banaskantha.

The families of the donors have been associated with BKDKM right from its inception. Their first donation was made for the Arts college (renamed thereafter as G.D. Modi Arts college), which also holds the distinction of being the first college to be set up in Banaskantha.

Since then, both the choksi and Modi families have maintained their deep involvement in the development of the campus and its institutions.

BKDKM is indeed grateful to Shri Mehulbhai choksi and Shri niravbhai D Modi for their generous donations for the educational development of this socially and economically backward district of Banaskantha which is the motherland of all Palanpuris.

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